The White Picture
Chapter I

This series of images documents aspects of life for female British soldiers in Afghanistan. The soldiers were part of a unit known as a Female Engagement Team (FETs). Each woman spent six months or more in Afghanistan and often spent long periods of time in a forward operating base working alongside infantry units.

Crossley joins a patrol to see whether she can access a local Afghan compound, in the hope that she may meet women and children.
These women contributed to what the military describe as the white picture; a term for the information gathered on the assumed daily life of the local population, attempting to understand their needs, motivations and perceptions with the aim of improving relationships between the local community and the British Armed Forces.

This feature aims to visually represent the women who served within this role and some of the more nuanced roles taken by the British Army in the context of the war in Afghanistan.

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The White Picture was exhibited at The Oxo Gallery, London, in 2012.

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