Fulton Street Subway

Medium Format
Chapter IV

New York, New Process

Rockaway Beach


Lions Den

Manhattan Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Quincy Avenue, Brooklyn

Maria Hernandez Park, Bushwick

Cracked Pot, Harlem

Xavier & his son Houston
in the doorway of the Harlem Haberdashery

Plant Stall, Harlem

Patrick & his dog Ingu

I used to love meeting new people and hearing their stories. The intensity of the past few years has dampened this passion a little. With only 12 images per roll, medium format has helped me make slower decisions about what and when to take a photo. This chapter is open ended, no image count and no story as such. It will change, adapt and may even disappear as I learn more about the process. Often we want to show the best of the work on a website, but I also think the process and the journey is as important as the end piece. New York was about making the step to focus on my film camera and an intentional act to change the way I use photography as not just a way to produce work for people but to start more self initiated projects. Less based on productivity and more focused on slowing down and spending more time on the process. This chapter is a mark in time where I can share where the work started, and what it may become.


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